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Satcube releases a new satellite terminal today – Satcube Ku Secure is designed for mission critical operations

Satcube, a disruptive development company in the satellite communications arena that manufactures innovative, lightweight terminals, is today launching a new product: Satcube Ku Secure – a satellite terminal that includes secure end to end communications with security at transmission level (TRANSEC).

The new Satcube Ku Secure enables mission critical communications for governments. At a weight of only 9,5 kilos including the integrated iDirect 950 mp modem. Satcube Ku Secure provides portable connectivity, featuring an intuitive user interface with assisted pointing function to enable satellite broadband access in 60 seconds in the most remote locations.

”With the new Satcube Ku Secure terminal users can now access all Transec networks quickly, almost anywhere on earth. The ability to open up the Satcube Ku Secure terminal, point it and get broadband connectivity in under a minute is critical for many use cases in field operations” says Jakob Kallmer, CEO, Satcube.

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Satcube Ku Secure is a compact, light weight terminal with a feature-rich GUI that eliminates the need for engineering expertise. Comparable to a large laptop, the lightweight Satcube Ku Secure provides the ease of an iPhone with deployment of seamless, rapid broadband connectivity, almost anywhere on earth. Designed for those in remote work locations needing high-capacity secure communications on-the-go.

About Satcube

Satcube is a disruptive development company in the satellite communications arena that manufactures game-changing terminals to enable high-performance broadband – any time, quickly and cost-effectively. The innovative Satcube Ku Secure lightweight, portable satellite terminal is a highly compact, user-friendly device that delivers quick secure connectivity empowering people at mission critical operations. Satcube is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with a global network of strategic resellers. For more information follow us on Linkedin or Twitter.

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